Isaac "The Chiller" Miller

The whole team are really stoked on Isaac Miller getting his second pro deck on Drawing Boards. The design is something that contrasts with his first pro board "The Killer” so this one is called "The Chiller" Isaac Miller. 

We couldn't really bring out a deck without some footage of the man himself, so after scouring the hard drive we came across these street gems .

There's plenty more to come from Miller too so keep ya beady eyeballs out . I worked closely with Isaac on the graphic and there is a lot of references to "him" amongst the detail. Seek and ye shall find!

Also more new wood out here for Spring ...

Skatevine ..

and "Whom" ..

Ask in your Local S.O.S !!!

Published: March 18, 2017

PJ Rads Wonderful horrible day at the level

After a night of shenanigans PJ showed up at the level and filmed this wee edit ... Isaac popped over on his lunch break to smash it too ... This was meant to be a little thing for Insta , but Josh made it into an edit and it'd be rude not to share it with you 'orrible lot  !!! Big up everyones favourite Golden Retriever and Alsatian Hound .. Yes dog heads !!!

Published: February 24, 2017

Liam Teague Guest Board on Wight Trash

Soooo about 6 Months ago John Cattle contacted me saying he wanted to give one of the Drawing Boards team a "Guest Pro" deck on Wight Trash . He told me it was Liam Teague , at first I was not so sure , but the more I thought about the list of legends who have had Guest Boards the more hyped I got . Liam definitely deserves more recognition than he gets , not just for his skateboarding , but also for all the unseen time he puts into projects such as Scene videos , skatepark design as well as raising money for the greater good of skateboarding . Being the only human to slay the mighty Churchill square twice is pure piss take as well .

I was also stoked to be able to draw the graphic that both John and I talked about . Big up Steynings finest handrail slayer Liam Teague. 

Check his section in Andy Evans "Just In Time" DVD ... 

(Phew , I did it without mentioning his slamming abilities)

Peace AD ..

Published: February 03, 2017

Chips and Souce

Location: Source Skatepark in Hastings  

Skaters : Pete Johns , Jak Tonge , Liam Teague , DVM and Isaac Miller . 

Filming Duties : AD McEvoy and Josh Wells . Edited by Teague.

Big Cheers to the Source staff Boo , Flo and Ali for hooking us up  .. 

Drawing Boards are available at Source Skate Park Shop !!

Alsooo stoked to see this footage surface of our boy Ivan Vargas ..

Big Birds got the styles !!

Published: January 29, 2017

Adam Keats - In Crust we Trust

Adam Keats section from Matt Hunts "In Crust We Trust" has gone live on Transworld today .. 

Sit back and enjoy !!

Published: January 19, 2017

2016 !!

Althought 2016 was hard in many respects with losing loved ones and many injustices at home and worldwide , Skateboarding kept things positive as always !!

We went on some rad trips ..

Amsterdam went off with a full squad all getting it done for the vid …

Dean went offfff !!! Blunt fakie before breakfast !! Pic Jerry .. Little article HERE !! 

We secured Distribution out of Amsterdam …. Meaning Drawing Boards are now available in Holland and Belgium !!

Heres' a car legs edit we did on the way ..

Cornwall trip went off too .. Big shout to Louis for making it go off !!!

Jak Tonge backside floater at Playing Place . Pic Jerry Wilson

Adam Keats feeble …. Pic Jerry .. Check Adams full part in "In Crust we Trust"

Isaac Miller got his first Pro deck  Much deserved ..

Here's some footage of the man himself ..

Jak Tonge got on Emerica !!! Fugg yeah !!

We welcomed Adam Keats to the team ..

We entered some comps .. With Keats taking 4th a at Nass and winning best trick !!

The boys held it down at the shop Riot too being in teams that cme 2nd and 7th ..

Despite Dyl not being able to string a sentence together the Dreadlock held it down .. 

Speaking of everyones favourite import he put this gem together earlier in the year …

Teague (Who has a part dropping in Andy Evans Vid) worked his arse off getting a rad inoor park together for Brighton .. We thought it only polite to make an edit there ….

We also waved goodbye the the VX and went HD .. Here was the folder clear out ..

More edits HERE !! 

We also collaborated with 2 of our favourite outlets Milk and Levels Shop .. 

Loads of New outlets got behind us this year …. WE are working on a page to let you know where they all are ..

We also made a load of new product decks , wheels , hoodies , long sleeves , T'shirts , stickers , colouring books and other bits and bobs .. ask in your local S.O.S ..

Plenty more in the plan for 2017 … Keep it Drawing Boards !!!

Published: December 30, 2016

Stocking fillers ...

Few new bits in as well as the decks ..

Crew necks in a variety of colors ..

Also some colouring books for the crack ..

Ask in your local S.O.S ..

Zak Miller Melon fakie pic Ash .. Penzance clip on the way ..

Published: December 04, 2016

Got Milk ,,

Stoked to have designed Milk Skateshops last ever clothing and stickers ...

Big up Rob , Thanks for the support and good luck with the future ..

Check the shop section to see some of the other shops stocking our produce ...

Published: November 28, 2016

Winter …….

We got some new stuff out for winter …. 

The return of Skate at Night , This was a favourite from 10 years ago and thought it was worth bringing back as the days get shorter .

The Tesla Board , because lets face it Tesla was the man !! We are going on the premise that we have a platform so we may as well use it .

Continuing on from our Spring , Summer and Autumn Foraging decks we have the final piece of the puzzle "Winter-Food for Free" including treats such as Rosehips , Sloe berries and Chanterelle .

Rat-race which is a picture I drew many years back when I was sick of busting my balls for "the man" , basically illustrating the fact that there's always some fat cat at the top of pile . 

And you can't really put out product without an edit can ya ….

Brighton Youth Centre has a newly refurbished indoor skatepark, thanks to the kindness of the community donating money and time to make it happen. Our boy Liam Teague worked his arse off to make the vision a reality and is now running the place. We headed up to test the new smooth wood and here's the highlights. Support your indoor Parks this winter.
Skaters are Jak Tonge, Pete Johns, Liam Teague, Louis Antoine, Dyllan VD Merwe, The Batch and Ash Challis. Edited by Liam Teague and Filmed by Josh Wells and AD.. Cheers to BYC and Teague for hooking up this session for us.

IN other news Drawing Boards Cornish Tour went off with an 10 man strong squad ... There will be a feature article in the upcoming Woodpusher Mad so will leave the details for now , but make sure you cop one when it's out ..

Too easy for Jak Tonge . Pic Leo Sharp.

Published: November 04, 2016


We had a couple of spare hours one afternoon a few months back and decided to check out Worthings newly refurbished Homefields Skatepark … Luckily Isaac did most of this stuff first go and Josh Wells smashed the filming . Edited by Liam Teague 

Also these are now in all good Skateshops across the land ..

Published: October 02, 2016
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