Fairfield Nostalgia

Fairfield Halls was and will always be a massive part of Drawing Boards history .. So many friends and memories made at that place , not to mention the ridiculous amount and level of skateboarding that went down there over the years ... Here's some salvaged footage featuring our first ever team member Jeremy Wilson with appearances from Elliot , Jak , Teague , Ad , Dyl and Isaac . Thought we'd fling in 2 other now defunct spots .. Namely 50p Building and White rail ... Get Nostalgic .. Fairfield forever !!! Filmed by AD , Toe and Teague . There is a very limited amount of RIP Fairfield decks out there . (Released Friday).. If you want one you best be quick .....

Also (unrelated) the Ninja deck did so well we made it in a new colour way ..

Published: January 12, 2018

Miller Mwad Raw !!

A quick stop at Mwadlands with Miller produced this clip .. No messing straight in .. 

The park is only there till March so go rinse it !! Miller is Raw dog !!

Published: December 08, 2017

Philler Bees

Quick stop off at Worthing produced this from The Batch and Miller … Short n sweet … Filmed and Edited by Crusty Josh Wells !!

Published: November 27, 2017

Next wood ...

Sooo we are back from our tour of Madrid which went really off .. 

Big cheers to Lucy and Frank for having our backs on this one !!!

Seeing as Jesus Christ's Birthday is round the corner we thought we had better bring out some NEW decks ... 

So here's our latest offerings ...

The Ninja deck which reads :

"No one is perfect, that is why the pencil has an eraser"

Yeah mate first go !!!!

Stoked on both of these ...

Also we are promoting cranial warmness so have released some beanies too ..

Expect Madrid related stuff too drop soon .. Go skate .....

Published: November 15, 2017

Quick 10 !!

Off on tour …. But here’s a wee treat …

I had a spare hour or so to spare so Isaac did a spontanious 10 tricks on the steep one at the Level .

Published: November 05, 2017

New Decks ...

These have just arrived ....

Thought we'd put some positive symbols out there in this mildly chaotic world . 

Available now in all good skate shops ... Click the Shop Link !!

Isaac Miller 180 in the pipe .. Pic Chris Dale 

Also lots of new pics up on the Media page ..

Published: August 27, 2017

Wood Pusher Mag .

Stoked to have our Cornish "Down by the River" Tour documented in printed form by Wood Pusher Mag.

Really pleased with the way it came out with photos of the whole team courtesy of Jerry Wilson.

Ask in your local for a copy !!

Published: August 04, 2017

Vans Shop Riot

Props to Adam and Isaac to making it to the Annual Shop Riot this year held at Rock City in Hull .

Here's Adam noseblunting his way to first place with Skate Warehouse . Photo CJ

Published: August 03, 2017

Northern "Poo with a View" Tour

WE recently went on a tour up Nort(ish) ..

There's a write up on Sidewalk HERE!! 

Liam Teague Hippy Jump. Pic Chris Dale

Published: July 17, 2017


Soo we made our annual pilgrimage to the gurnfest that is NASS .

Here's some photos courtesy of Paul Scott ..

Isaac Miller kickflips the ring of Fire

Jak Tonge 50/50 stall at best trick jam .

Isaac , Jak and Adam all put in that work for the Pro skateboarding comp , bit of FOOTAGE HERE  ... More to come  ..

Published: July 11, 2017
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